love your religion Respect other religions

Two weeks ago, I attended a meeting in India where the Dalai Lama and nearly thirty young people from 13 conflict countries met. They attended that event, Syria, Afghanistan Somalia Iraq Kenya Sudan In countries like Sudan, young people who are building peace in society based on religion. As a Buddhist, there is only one other person with me. There are many Christians and Muslims.

At that event, they exchanged stories about love and humanity. I do it for the truth, religion, I learned that there are youths of all religions who are fighting for truth alone, regardless of race. In addition, I learned that in Islamic countries, when it comes to Myanmar, we only hear news about the oppression of the Muslim minority and the killing of the Rohingya.

How can we change the way the world sees it? The world sees our country this way because of a group of people who suppress other religions, including Islam, and protect and promote Buddhism. There are many people who do not practice according to the teachings of the Buddha. Because there are many people who remain silent about the injustices, the tyrants can do whatever they want.

At the United Nations Peace Conference in 2000, Master U Goinka said, “Those who praise their own religion and oppress other religions think they are exalting their own religion, but what they are doing is making their religion ugly.”