After fermentation, regular tofu cubes are soaked in salt water for up to 6 hours. There are many ways to cook tofu. The most famous one is frying with oil. In addition, as cold tofu and together and boiled and They also eat hotpots.

Once your appetite can overcome the smell of garbage, you’ll come to love the taste of smelly tofu. You will also enjoy the great nutritional value of tofu in your diet as well as the benefits of fermentation.

Tofu is low in calories, rich in protein, and free of cholesterol and gluten. As it is also rich in minerals, tofu is rich in calcium, It is a food that provides the best iron and magnesium.

In fermentation, good bacteria grow and they promote digestion. Fermentation also produces more insulin and improves insulin resistance. Research comparing fermented and unfermented foods shows that when soybeans are fermented, they release natural compounds that may protect against type 2 diabetes. It also delays the progression of the disease in people with diabetes.