It is a small tree, about 3 feet tall. The hedges are soft. The leaves are long and round. The flower has a red rose color. In addition, it blooms in various colors. Each time, they usually bear fruit in bunches. The color of the fruit is light green when ripe and yellow when ripe.

There are two types of plants, annual and biennial. It ascends with the trunk. The branches are thin and have stripes. Covered with fur. or hairless. Leaves – trifoliate and alternate. The leaves are 3 inches and 4 inches long. The petiole is about 1 inch long. The leaves are spear-shaped, and the tip is very sharp, and goes to the bottom. The leaves are sawed. Flower – small white.

The outer opening is round. It is an oval with a pointed tip. The inner opening is greater than the outer opening. surrounded The top of the petal is round. Pollen pole very short. Fruit – 3 corners. The corners have wings. When the fruit is ripe, it cracks. There are 3 seeds, round and black. The upper part is white. More heart shape.