Marginalization in sociology is the social process of becoming or marginalizing (relegating or restricting to the outside or fringes of a lower standard of living or social status);

the “outcast lower class”; “Outcast literature” and others are examples. In its most extreme form, Marginalization can lead to complete annihilation of a group of people. [clarification needed] (Mullaly – 2007). Being marginalized refers to being separated from the rest of the human community.

Not being at the center of the community, It is forced to take place only in the outermost and marginal areas. Marginalized people are not considered part of the community.

When we look at how badly material things (such as food and shelter) are available in society, Material deprivation is a common result of marginalization. With the lack of material things, Marginalized people have access to services, Ignored in programs and policies.