1. Breed. . Malavaceae (hibiscus family)

2. Botanical name. . Urena Lobata Linn

3. term –

(a) Burmese name – Kasseyseb (cow’s tail)

(b) English name – Aramina Fibre

(c) Chinese name – Popee

4. Appearance –


It is a small tree, and in some areas it has 12 seasons. 3 feet to 5 feet high, hard branches. Thick hair. There are small thorns.


The leaves swing out. The leaves are round. There are 5-7 uneven axils around the edges of the leaves. The tip of the leaf is pointed. Leaf veins radiate from the base of the leaf. There are hairs on both the petioles and the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves. There are dog teeth on the leaves.


1-2 flowers emerge from the stalk. Yellow on the inside, rosy on the outside. It blooms in the moon from the moon.


The fruit is yellow. Five stripes. When ripe, it splits spontaneously and produces four-pointed seeds. ash The fruit ripens in the second month. Small rivers. The drinking river is quite long.