“Holy Buddha” his disciple is in social affairs and in business and in family affairs I’m having a bad luck with what I’m doing, why do I have such a low luck?

The Lord said, “My dear son, what is the reason why you are not doing what you are doing?”

(1) Be friendly with facial expressions and a charitable smile.

(2) words of encouragement for giving donations orally; words of comfort Words of praise, words of kindness, Speak warm words.

(3) Donating with the mind Open the door of the mind and deal with others openly and honestly with a pure attitude.

(4) Giving charity with a good view.

(5) Donate through physical labor and help others by doing what you can.

(6) accommodation, donation, boating, When riding in a car, take your own seat, the elderly, the disabled Let pregnant women and children sit in their own seats.

(7) Donate your home Donate your home to others to rest.

He preached, “Success will follow closely behind those who do good deeds like that.”

1. A happy face

2. Sweet words

3. A pure mind

4. Seeing the good

5. Physical help

6. If you encounter, give your seat

7. If you allow him to stay in your house for a while, your fortune will soon increase.