Those who have the cosmic cross are those who will be purified from all worlds and will at least become a Tathagata. To pay all the debts. I will never go hungry and I will never die at the hands of others.

Personally, I will be tired without being around. If you sit in meditation, you can get meditation quickly. You have to experience unique people and unique events.

1. People must be tired. Take advantage.

2. People should be trusted.

3. Karma work does not give any benefit.

4. I see dreams.

5. If you go to a place you’ve never been to, you’ll get to know it intimately.

6. Immediately observe a person and subconsciously shape it and immediately know whether it is a good person or not.

7. People who are sensitive immediately feel itchy when they come across unclean utensils.

8. Those who have a strong fever will immediately get rid of the disease as soon as the ghost of the witch comes near them.

9. If you do farming, you often lose money.

10. I have experienced all kinds of fire and drowning.

11. If you face a lot of difficulties, at the last moment, someone who will help you will appear, and you will never be in trouble.

12. I often encounter detention numbers.

13 We are often told that our teeth are rotten.

14. Marriage is less happy. It is often broken, even if it is not broken, it is often separated.

15. From the sunset of life, wealth and knowledge must be rich.

16. It is experienced in the first, second, and third ages, and after reaching the fourth age, it must be peaceful.

Prosperity and usually reach the top. If you are not rich when you are young, you will often be full when you grow up. The sixth sense has vision. You immediately know how someone treats you.

Can overcome difficulties and often foresee. In a romantic relationship, he often finds himself with someone who doesn’t love back as much as he loves. Even if he died, he would have left a name. He is often a good leader. Let there be nothing to do with religious specialism. You will be rich soon.

A person with a good heart, many friends, a great interest in art, successful in literature and poetry, and a good voice, knows how to lie to liars. He hates liars and dislikes restrictions.

Long life and safe; Those who have won the lottery more than three times, who help those who are in trouble, A bright person. They often live far away from their hometowns. A person who lives without heat. who never forgets thanks A person who is very sad and has tears in his eyes, No matter what he wears, he is a person who can be admired by everyone who sees him. It is one’s responsibility to do more prayers.