There are ways to make flowers last longer when potting. Whether it’s putting a flower pot on the work table, When you decorate your living room or put flowers in a vase and offer flowers to a god, you may be annoyed that the flowers wither and dry in a short time. The methods that will be shown now are when making vases

(1) When you buy flowers, wash them and do not put them in the vase right away. Instead, you should cut the stem of the bottom of the flower bone about 2 inches diagonally and then put it in.

Doing this makes the flowers absorb water better and last longer.

(2) When planting a flower pot, the leaves that are closest to the water in the flower pot must be trimmed. Doing this after a few days can remove bad odors like the smell of rotten water from the vase, and it also prevents the flower stem from rotting and wilting quickly.

(3) After potting, the water should be changed every other day depending on the room temperature. Whenever the water falls, the stem of the flower should be cut as needed.

(4) Adding about 1 teaspoon of baking soda to the water in the vase when planting the vase will make the flowers last longer and will not cause the water in the vase to smell bad for a Fri time.