Sometimes, I don’t sleep thinking about him, but I’ve had dreams about someone, remember?

There are reasons why someone like this might surprise you when someone enters your dream.

Someone entering your dream is because of these factors.

The person who came uninvited into your dream entered your dream because he was aware of you.

People’s minds are really powerful, and when someone strongly remembers, that person’s thoughts, It has the ability to access even dreams.

So someone misses you so much that you dream of him.

When you’ve been hurt by someone, that pain stays somewhere in your chest.

This kind of stored pain sometimes comes as your dreams

Someone who has hurt you or someone you are not happy with can haunt your dreams.

Dreaming about someone is because that person is thinking about you or dreaming about you.

It’s a really strange thing to have the same dream, and someone’s desires and wishes. When the emotions are so intense, it’s like someone is entering your dream He can also invite you into his dreams. Also, someone who only thinks about you has the ability to come into your dreams.

Even when you like someone, you still dream about them.

For example: the boy I like It could be someone whom I respect and admire.

The person you like holds a place in your mind, so you tend to dream of that person.