The old Gyeonglong village has been controlled

Mon State Ye Township, The former Kunglong village has been under control since January 7,

said the leader of the YE group.

In the old village of Kyunglong, which is about 2 miles away from Ye City, the military council’s administrative

apparatus is no longer operating, and the YE monster group will continue to control it according to the situation.

“The old Gyeonglong village has been controlled by the group of monsters, First of all, there is no more

administrative mechanism of the military council. All the employees have left,

Worried about their safety, The control of the village will continue to take action based on the situation. Because we have to act so that the people don’t get hurt.

The military council has not done anything yet. Bringing security to the village, There are no patrols yet,” said the leader of the group of monsters to The Irrawaddy Times.

At present, the military support pillar works in the old Kunglong village. All administrative mechanisms of the military council have been shut down

Schools are temporarily closed and will continue to operate depending on the situation so that people do not get sick.

Military Council Army No. 19 Operations Command Headquarters in Ye City (19 Army) and its subordinate battalions.

61 times Khlara 299; Khmer 343 Khmer 586 The city is home to divisions and battalions such as No. 316 Artillery

Battalion (Amata 316) as well as some other military units.

The military council troops and police in Ye Township, which is the YE monster group, the administrators of the

military council mechanism support, Clearing the information gaps

Battalions under the Military Council It is reported that there are frequent attacks on administrative office buildings.