7-day children’s weekly lesson…7feb

7-day children’s weekly lecture (from 7.2.2023 to 13.2.2023)

Sunday children

The idea of going on a long trip will occur. There are many good plans, but social issues delay the implementation.

You have to deal with matters in different countries, 4. You have to hear his message from different places.

Land matters and inheritance matters will be fine. Adopt the advice of a senior person.

Instead of acting on impulse, keep a cool head and think and work. It will come in handy. You will have to answer a job interview.

If a strange picture or map of the world comes home, try the lottery. Education is good. You will be able to answer without interruption.

Health will be good. Love will be sad. Marriage will be bad.

Lucky numbers are 1,4,6. The lucky color is brown.

Yatra: You can get more luck by offering fruits to other monks.

Monday children

Related business matters will be successful. People looking for work will get help from an old friend or a boss.

Unexpectedly, you will have a lot of money. You will have to deal with family matters, housing and land issues. You will hear good news from afar. A female guest will arrive at your home.

I will discuss business matters with some friends.

Construction industry, clothing industry, beauty decoration industry, brokerage business will be successful. There will be improvement in education.

You will get a lot of good help from teachers. In terms of health issues, you will get an injury on your leg. You will catch a cold and get sick.

In love, old loves will be reconnected. It is also a difficult time to choose and start thinking. Marriage is also good.

Lucky numbers are 9, 3, 6 numbers. The lucky color is red.

Yatra – You will get more luck by feeding the puppies.

illegitimate children

You will hear good news from work. Job seekers will get a job soon. Expected matter, attempted matter will be successful and will improve.

Near the house, you will have to face the matter of donating and visiting. Housing matters will be convenient. You will have to face the buying and building of a house and moving house.

Some guests will come to the house. If there is a maghla issue near the house, good luck will come soon.

Education matters are very good. You will pass the exam. You will hear happy news about education. Health is also good.

In matters of love, it will be a time to be happy with true love and new love. It will be good. Those who are in trouble will soon be happy. Marriage will also be happy.

The lucky numbers are 2, 4, 7. The lucky color is reddish-brown.

Yatra – Donate a walking stick or shoes to an elderly person and you will get more luck.

Wednesday’s children

There are too many thoughts in the world. Even though there are opportunities, there will be nothing to do.

I feel frustrated with myself. Try to reduce overthinking and practicality.

You will hear words that will encourage you and give you strength. You will receive good help from some good friends.

3-digit money will go out and 1-digit money will come back in. You will be unenthusiastic about education.

Feeling tired. Health is likely to be a concern. Love affairs are really lonely.

Right now, I just want to stay calm. I like feeling alone. Marriage matters are a little bad.

Lucky numbers are 1, 3, 4. Lucky colors are red and green.

Yatra – Donate a cup of sugarcane juice and coffee at your home temple and you will get more luck.

Thursday children

It is a period when objectives can be realized. The difficulties he has may be resolved soon. It is a good time to start everything in matters related to work and business.

You will get help from women.

There will be a lucky draw or a happy event. You will get a good wife. You will have a first child and you will be sick.

However, it will be fine. There is no need to worry about health. However, someone in the household will have poor health. Love will be good.

Those who do not have a lover will have a lover. Marriage will be happy.

Lucky numbers are 3,4,9. The lucky color is green.

Yatra – Add 4 pans of rice, oil, and salt to each one and place them on a lemon tray.

Friday children

Going on a long trip. Work-related trips, education-related trips.

I will have to move to work. I will be comfortable in the new environment. I will have an argument with a friend.