(7) items that will bring good luck if kept in the house…4feb

(7) items that will bring good luck if kept in the house…
You can increase good energy and reduce bad energy by using simple items at home.
The way I will tell you now is astrology, Here, It’s not an amulet.

(1) (5) substances
One of the simplest and most basic of traditional Chinese methods is to keep the 5 elements (wood, water, metal, earth, and fire) in the house.
According to the great Chinese doctors, placing wood (or water) in the house’s treasure area is more beneficial

(2) Elephant symbol

In Buddhism and Rohingya, the elephant is held in high esteem. The elephant symbol is used for various good luck. Also, the posture of the elephant
It is said that the benefit is different depending on the appearance. For example, if the elephant’s trunk is raised up, it means inviting good luck.

(3) horseshoe

In Irish mythology, horseshoes are considered lucky. Some say that horseshoe protects against evil.
Placing a horseshoe over the front door protects the house.
(4) Turtle symbol
In some Chinese customs, the turtle symbol is believed to be the guardian of the house. I must say that turtles are the guardians of Chinese Feng Shui sects
One of them is that the turtle is considered a symbol of great strength.
Placing turtles, whether real or fake, on the front and back doors of the house protects the house from the weak, It brings good luck.
(5) Red
In the customs of many countries around the world, red is considered a lucky color. Chinese New Year is decorated with red and Anbau
Also put in a red bag. In India too, many brides wear red dresses as a symbol of purity and good luck.
So you have a red vase in your house, red hook Wearing a red carpet can increase luck.
(6) Pig symbol
The German people consider the pig symbol to be good luck, but this is not a religious belief. European countries since the Middle Ages
The pig symbol is believed to be a symbol of wealth and good luck. If you give birth to a pig, it is a sign that you will be rich. Along with other cattle, cows, and chickens
Tried it but it didn’t work. Even today, the pig symbol is considered to be lucky because only the pig brings good luck.
(7) Oaks In Scandinavian countries, placing oaks in a bowl (or hanging them on the window) and decorating them is believed to protect the house.
If you want to be lucky, decorate your home with acorns.
credit – we media