8th grade student who is popular on Facebook. 22

An (8th grade) student who is currently popular on Facebook…

Being a Facebook Sally at a young age, yes.
I think that parents should never give their children a phone while they are studying.

Being a girl is one thing. Being young is one thing.
As you know Facebook. A good person A place where there are many bad people.
A place where you can see all the things.
I haven’t finished school yet. If you follow your husband at a young age, your parents will be the only ones to break.
What we see now is 13 years old. 14 years old and running after men.
I think it’s because the parents are bad.
What should not be mentioned on the line, Do not use harsh words.
Below the post, the words I dare not hear… It’s a set.
One thing I would like to say is… Don’t give your children phones to use.
Even if it’s used, it’s too good to play the game. Yes, thank you.