A child who has been missing for more than a month has been found

A child who had been missing for more than a month was found exactly as Lin Nyutara had predicted

I met her again and said she was at her grandmother’s house. I’ll see you again in a month,

I was sure that there would be an old Ma Puma Long man next to me. May the family be comfortable. (Illuminated)

A child who had been missing for more than a month has been found in Mya Oati, Karen State, according to local social assistance philanthropists and the victim’s family members.

The grandmother who lives in Thatthong City, worried that the missing child would have to be returned to her biological father.

A priest who went to search for the child with his father said that the two grandchildren had been hiding in a small hut in the farm for a month.

“As soon as I heard the news of the child, I immediately went to Mon State with the child’s father. Thathong Township, He went to the child’s place near the railway track in Kyikko village.

The child’s biological father and the child’s maternal grandmother met face to face.

I alone had to negotiate a solution between the child’s biological father and biological grandmother.

Finally, the son-in-law and the mother-in-law are back to normal,” said Kobe One, a philanthropist from Mya Ota, who wrote and shared about the recovery of the child on his social network.

When the baby was recovered, according to the grandmother’s words, she had to keep and feed the baby from birth.

He said that when his daughter was sick, he did not recover from his illness, so before his daughter’s death, he brought his grandson with the desire to have him alone.

“In fact, the father is also the biological father of the child. The grandmother did not want to put the child back and said it was the stepfather.

The wounds on the child’s head were not inflicted by the child’s father. Whenever the child’s biological mother is not in good health before her death

“According to Pawanjin’s statement, it is known that the young child was angry with his mother for hitting the child frequently and had to follow him to his biological grandmother,” Kobe One wrote.