A crowded Myanmar wedding

On the line, the famous and popular Burmese wedding (television)

A very RO Myanmar wedding that is famous and has a lot of people watching

Video is included at the bottom.

This video file is one of the most popular video files online.

What is unique about the video file is that near the end of the wedding, friends and relatives asked the couple to play love games around them.

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Now, I would like to make a special request to look at it with the eyes of love for fun. Actually, marriage is a blessing preached by the Buddha.

I don’t think it would be wrong to promise to love each other and to face the world forever with the permission of parents and elders.

However, due to various reasons, they are separated from each other. Every time I love, I’m stupid. There is also a saying that not everyone loves each other.

In fact, it has been noted in the Dharma that living with someone you don’t like is a source of suffering.

Now the wedding couple in the video is a picture of how much they love each other.

It’s very pleasant to love one person. Now, if your friend has a lover, wouldn’t you want to have a wedding like this?

Is the sun going to set with Grandpa Fa and Phil? May you love and be happy forever with the person you love.