A divination paper for Sunday children

Vedan means Magadha (Pali) Veda (Santhakroth Hindu Nagariveda) = knowledge and Anga-Manga = being, derived from Vedanga. Vedic grammar refers to the scriptures that are part of science. In this, dignity, Kappa Revelation desire The sixth, Includes Nirutti books.

He moved from Vedanga to Santhakarotism and became Vedanga. The term Vedin in Burmese came from Vedeng. Even the knowledge of astrology included in Vedanga.

Vedic-Vedic Grammar is the present with Vedic knowledge because it is the interpretation of knowledge. the past In ancient times, there was a belief that one could know future rewards and sins. There are 3 symbols of divination namely Sama-Yazu and Iru. In fact, the 4 Vedas are only the literature of the Hindu people.

This astrology is very ancient Chaldean, Virginia, Egypt What happened in India and China? No one can say how many years have passed. They can’t show evidence that it originated from any country.

Scholars in these countries over time believe that it is a science developed based on the constellations in the sky. Astrology is said to have originated with the Aryans of ancient India.

In the reign of Alexander the Great in 356 BC, the Chaldeans declared that their astrology dates back 473,040 years. anyway But it is not denied that the science of divination began to appear in the period when the two ghosts were not precisely predicted.

Astrology, like medicine and other worldly sciences, originated in ancient times. It can be known from history that Myanmar’s astrology also came from India.