A great mantra that can be recited on the night of the full moon…1feb

A great mantra full of money that can be recited in one full moon night…
The Diwata Pati Mantra, famous as the Money Mantra, the Sabvamyan Mantra Pali

(1) Diwa Tapati Adiiso, Rattima Barti Sandima. Thanandadhao Khattiyo Tapati Zayi Tapati Brahman. Athabba Mahorati Mbuddho Tapati Tejatha.

(2) Tadisam Tejasampanam, Buddha Vandami Adram. Namakkara nubhavena It is Sabbe Pureyantu Sankappa.
Burmese interpretation of the mantra

(1) The sun only shines during the day. The moon shines only at night. The king of Ruin was dressed in five royal ornaments and was shining.

The forest of Rahanatra Thanya is from Vanangana.

From day and night, the car is full of light and rain.
(2) Day and night, the Lord who shines with His power and majesty never ceases, and His disciples worship Him with all their hands and feet.

Because of the benefits of this offering, may all worldly business, general wealth, and treasures be fulfilled quickly, O Lord.
It is intended for those who want to recite and do not know how to recite the Pali sound.
Burmese pronunciation
(1) Diwa Tapati Adeetsaw Rattima Barti Sandima Thannaddo Khattiyo Tapati Zayi Tapati Brimano Ath Shabha Maho Rattin Voddhao Tapati Tejatha.
(2) Tadisham Tejasham Panam Vodham Wandaami Adram Namekkara Nubhawena Sapbe Purintu Thakak.
Try not to make a slurred sound, but try to articulate it. (Try to correct it as the sound does not come out.)

God preached

When the Buddha was staying at the Migarama Matupu, in the land of Savatthi, he heard the teachings of Arvin Ananda and preached this mantra.
Lord Ananda was delighted to see the beauty of the sun that was still shining on the island of West Goya at the twilight of the full moon, and the beauty of the moon rising from the eastern world.
While he was feeling this way, the four members of the army surrounded him, dressed in royal robes and holding fragrant flowers.
When he saw the beauty of the king of Patinadi Kosala, who was coming to God, he was delighted again.
In addition, Lord Ananda was delighted to see the colors of Kaluddayi Arhat Matthea shining from him.
Then he saw that the shining color of God was more powerful than the above sun, moon, king, and arahants.
When the Lord was present, the Lord preached this mantra of Diwatapati.
The mantra was recited by the sages of the late sages, men, women and women.
The second (2) mantra has been included since the mantra was recited and recited and offered with the intention of worshiping and praying for the benefit.