A.How to get (5) merits from the new face every new day…9feb

“5 merits that can be obtained when you wake up in the morning with a fresh face”

(1) Charity, When you wake up in the morning, put water in the water bowl. Hold a bowl of water close to your chest where your eyes can see it.
Don’t lift the water bowl over it, because it won’t be comfortable when sending the mat. With a cup of water in hand

“Blessed Buddha’s new face. By praising God’s disciple, please change your face.” So it has become a blessing.
(2) Bodhisattva merit, While the Buddha is still using the new face water, expand the arahant with (3) depth. Arham = Buddha who is free from even the fog of passion.

Arham = Buddha who is worthy to receive special offerings. Arahant = Buddha who does not do evil even in a secluded place. So Buddhanuthati Karma has become.
(3) Charity, Look at the crystal clear water and let this water be cool and cool. Let my employer be cool like this water.

May my colleagues be as cool as this water. Send love that all creatures may be as cool as this water.
So love has become good. That’s why I say don’t lift the water cup. If it is raised, it is not convenient to send love. Place a cup of water where you see water because it is more convenient to send love.
(4) Goodness of death After that, I lived this one night, and before the end of my breathing, I can die at any time, morning or night. So, it has become a good thing.
(5) funeral worship merit, The dirt in the eye, The dirt in the nose, Focus on the filth in my mouth and develop a funeral consciousness that my face is an abomination.
So the funeral worship has become meritorious. The development of funeral consciousness is even more obvious because the symptoms of funeral are obvious.
When you’re about to go out, you’re ready to go out, and you’re dressed beautifully, and it’s not very convenient to attend a funeral. Because the make-up is covered with clothes, the funeral signs do not appear.
The funeral is best done early in the morning. After all, the Buddha has already changed his face, so give it back to him as a medicine and give it a new face.
So, if you have a new face, you will get 5 kinds of merit. Now…readers, religious friends, let’s breed new faces and accumulate good deeds.