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As the last part of how to protect yourself from tornadoes, let’s look at how to protect yourself from lightning. Lightning is often seen as a precursor to a tornado. Tornadoes form from large clouds that form with strong winds.

Those big cloud mountains, heavy rain, It causes lightning. In Japan’s lightning years, there are up to a million lightning strikes per month during the summer. In years with less lightning, there are about 100,000 lightning strikes per month. If you see lightning while you are outside, you should immediately go into nearby buildings.

cars, buses If you’re in trains or planes, it’s basically safe. But keep the windows closed. Do not touch the metal parts inside. If there is no place to escape, use a technique called 「雷しやがみ」in Japanese to protect yourself.

That way is to gather the legs, Sit down on your heels with your feet supported. This method covers both ears with both hands. When a tree is struck by lightning, there is an electric current in the tree, so you should avoid taking shelter under the tree.

The electric current flows through the branches of the tree to people near the tree and can be electrocuted. Be aware that the human body can easily conduct electricity. But running under pylons and power lines is a good move.

There is current in the wires, so staying under them reduces the risk of being struck by lightning. If you don’t hear thunder for half an hour, you can assume it’s safe. You can get out of the shelter.

However, check the weather agency’s website or the NHK News app to see if there are thunderclouds near where you are. If there is someone nearby who has been struck by lightning, use an AED for emergency life support. If AED equipment is not available, perform emergency CPR on the injured person’s heart.