A medicine that can make even a paralyzed person walk again

About 9 years ago, I used to buy and read the Nakkata Raya magazine when it came out every month. In that, there are often references to interesting knowledge. I’m sharing what I remember. I used to drink it myself. The taste is very bitter. I can’t remember the exact address. It’s a potion of a forest monastery monk in a village in Monywa district.

The incident is that a Monywa-Mandalay driver died of a stroke due to driving in the sun.

I’ve been treated in many hospitals, but I’m not getting better. So when we went to the forest monastery where the monk lived with great hopes, we mixed the medicine given by the monk with half-belief and half-believing.

The medicine is based on this proportional combination. Cut the flesh of a wet elephant trunk. Two bottles of cold boiled water (the style of the Mandalay beer bottle is called a bottle). A spoonful of palm and fish flesh. A spoonful of salt.

Add them to the dish and cook them. Mix the three kinds together and close the container with a tight lid for a week. Add 2 teaspoons of steel spoon before going to bed every day. Back pain, sprained limbs, Feeling unwell and unwell; Insomnia and Thai dullness are practically cured.

blood The abbot said that he will not have a lifelong stroke because of the good balance of air circulation. The patient has been addicted to drinking for about 6 months and is able to return to his driving job as before and is able to enjoy his family and earn an income.