A.The border police raided the traditional spirit ceremony…9feb

Border police raided and arrested a traditional spirit ceremony at a police family member’s home, resulting in dissatisfaction among police officers.
February 9th
Irrawaddy Division On February 6, at around 8:00 p.m. in Ray Kyi town, border guards raided and arrested a traditional spirit ceremony at the home of a police family member.

Residents said that the guardians and attendants of the traditional spirit festival were also abducted and the equipment was taken to the Ray Kyi police station.
“Every spirit festival has an event permit. Some of the houses are having a ceremony. Some of the spirit festivals are still going on.
Now they still have to give the money, and the police chief forced them to arrest them. The house where they were arrested is the house of the police family, so now they are having problems,” a 35-year-old woman from Rey Kyi told The Irrawaddy Times.
In addition, the local residents said that they had to pay money and buy back the abducted spirits and equipment at the Ray Kyi police station within hours.
Residents said that the traditional spirit festivals held in Rey Kyi Township have to pay a shooting fee, as well as paying the military council army and the police about 40,000 kyats as a line fee.