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A monk who fell from a flower train during a ceremony in Pintaya Township broke his leg and was seriously injured.

February 8

Locals said that the monk suffered a broken leg when he fell from the flower train during the Hội Thọ Ting ceremony in Ping Taya Township, Taunggyi City.

On February 4th, at the Pagoda Umbrella Ceremony in Poy Hla Township, Ping Tay Township, Taunggyi City, Shan State.

He fell from the flower train while attending the pagoda with the wedding flower train.

Because of this, the monk was taken to the hospital in Aung Phang, and it is said that his leg was broken due to the speed of falling from the flower train.

Locals said that the monk who fell from the flower carriage only suffered a broken leg and no other serious injuries.