About onions that are very good for married couples and increase love…2feb

About onions that are very good for married couples and increase love…

Every housewife has to deal with onion, which is an essential ingredient in cooking, but many people know that onions will bring tears to their eyes because they are not aware of the power of onions.

In fact, onions have antioxidants, essential oil calcium magnesium As it contains sodium and potassium, it can provide many health benefits.

Peeling and cutting onions can cause tears, but this is caused by sulphides and thiosulfinates.

These two ingredients are E. coli bacteria, It can prevent illness caused by bacteria such as salmonella and bacillus subtilis.

Onions have the bad effect of bad breath, but eating raw onions can strengthen your teeth and fight bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Onions can help prevent blood clots. Because it makes blood circulation smooth.

By preventing blood clots and blockages in the arteries, it reduces the risk of heart disease.

Onion is useful for relieving nasal congestion and inflammation of the nasal mucosa.

If you eat onions, it dissolves the mucus membranes in the respiratory tract, so you can breathe easily.

To relieve earache and dizziness, add onions to water, boil until soft, cool, and wrap in a piece of cloth.

Then put the cloth on the ear. It can relieve earache.

Onion increases love and strengthens reproductive organs.

Finely chop onion and soak it in a tablespoon of honey and drink it regularly to increase love for married couples.

It has been described in the medical literature that it is sharper because the inability to drive increases within hours by eating and drinking juice.

Chewing raw onion in the mouth for three minutes can kill the germs in the mouth.

Thinly sliced onion and applied to inflamed gums and aching teeth can relieve toothache.

Onion is very useful in treating urinary system ailments.

If you eat onion raw, it will relieve the burning pain while urinating and the pain of colic.

Credit – Phothutaw (www.phothutaw.com)