Actor Paing Phyo Thu

Actress Pai Phyo Thu, who is delighted to have the opportunity to give gifts to her heroine sisters

Popular actress and actress Pai Phyo Thu is one of Burma’s leading actresses



She is a beautiful actress who is loved by the people. He is an artist who has shot many big movies and achieved success.

Her husband’s film “Me” in which she starred was quite popular among fans.
He even won an Academy Award because of his excellent acting skills.

Actress Pai Phyo Thu said that she had to give a gift that she made herself

About the crochet cardigan and the little headbands

The sweetest gift is a crochet cardigan and a headband when the weather starts to cool down

Currently, she is no longer involved in artistic activities, but she is fighting for the truth with the people.

Pai Phyo Thu is happy to give gifts to the heroes and sisters who are fighting.

He asked Phio Thiha Thiha to help Phio, the hero sisters on the ground

Since the end of November, I have been trying to send it step by step, and now it has arrived.

I am very happy to make the little ones happy for a while who sacrificed a lot for themselves

If possible, I would like to inject each person with seeds.

I think you will understand that I was given the opportunity to be the only one due to the difficulties of the journey.

Please stay safe and healthy,” Phyo Thu shared the news she wrote on her social network.

Pai Phyo Thu is extremely happy to have the opportunity to give a gift to the heroines.