An event that is heartbreaking for everyone who hears it…2feb

An event that is heartbreaking for everyone who hears it…

Today I had a sad experience

The CHAMPION drinking water worker near the house was brought to work, and the two boys were brought in for

three or four days.

This morning, someone called me to go to work at six o’clock this morning because he had been drinking because he

was heartbroken the night before, so he couldn’t go to work.

So, the manager who was living with him, who was drunk and not even conscious, put the drunk child on the side of

the road at half past six in the morning, along with the other four workers.

The people who came to eat at our shop talked about it, even though everyone who saw it said that they would drive

away and die from the cold and the cold.

The friend who came along said that the manager didn’t know how to do it, and he was helpless.

We were told that the owner doesn’t care and his manager doesn’t care

From half past six to eleven o’clock, the manager came to talk to the people around her and she couldn’t make it

The companion boy was helpless and called his friend’s parents

How can I help you from a distance? I have to come to work from a distance from Shwejin Township, Bago Province.

Seeing the pity of the victim who was driven away by the employer irresponsibly and cruelly is not the end of the pity.

E- When he died, he was taken to the hospital in his champion’s car, but he died before reaching the hospital.

The doctor said that he had a cold without too much alcohol and that he would take responsibility for the funeral.

The champion who does not value such a person as much as an animal confuses the act of drinking clean water

Credit – Hnin Kyi Khin Oo