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South Korea plans to use a group instead of Japanese companies to pay for forced labor during the war

The South Korean government is planning to use a foundation organization to pay Koreans forced to work during the war instead of Japanese companies ordered by the South Korean Supreme Court to pay compensation.

The South Korean government’s plan is based on the view that it is difficult to obtain compensation and apologies from Japanese companies.

South Korea’s foreign ministry explained the government’s plan at a forum in Seoul on Thursday to discuss ways to solve the problem of forced labor during the war.

Among the attendees were lawyers, Experts and representatives of some of those who filed wartime forced labor lawsuits were included.
Seo Min-jung, director-general of the ministry’s Asia and Pacific affairs, said the plan was based on discussions held four times last year by a government-private advisory group.

Ms. Seo said the advisory group pointed out that it was difficult to expect compensation or apologies from Japanese companies, and that an intermediary organization could represent the victims.

In light of the aging of the plaintiffs, the South Korean government viewed Thursday’s open-door forum as the final step in resolving the wartime forced labor issue between Japan and Japan.
But North Korea’s opposition parties protested Thursday’s open-door forum talks.

In addition, some of the plaintiffs and their affiliates boycotted the forum, demanding compensation and apologies from the Japanese companies.
South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol’s government wants to end the wartime forced labor issue and quickly improve relations with Japan.