Astrology paper for Saturday children

In addition, the 12 seasons are divided into 13 houses for Sunday’s Sun and Monday’s Moon. From Tuesday to Saturday, 2 houses are assigned to each of the 5 five-star planets.

It is natural and interesting from the way it is given as a house.

As owned houses, according to the theme of S-Tha-Shwe-Ku-In-Wa-Thu-San-Phyu-Ta-Ten-Tye, it can be taken

clockwise starting from Aries. According to the 12 seasons mechanism of the 27 background stars, the planets that

are constantly moving around in the sky can be calculated on which day and which season it is.

After knowing how all the planets are located in the 12 zodiac cycle, According to the time of birth, you can calculate

the Lag season, Antha Litta. The 1st part of Lag is tanubhava, The 2nd part of Lag is Kutumpabhava, The 3rd

moment is Sahaza Bhava, etc. The 12th moment is up to Beyayabhava. There are 12 things to be defined.

When you know which planet is in which bhava, you can see the planets according to the methods of Vedic scriptures. star Na Win Based on Yuga etc., the past, He has arrived at the camp where he can calculate the present and future rewards and sins. This birth horoscope can predict the fortunes and sins of the horoscope’s life through various predictions.

According to the birth horoscope, the benefits and sins of the original basis can be assumed to be constant. Your nobles, commander boss The state of being wise, marriage, Health, suffering, danger, parents siblings The condition of the children, etc., should be discussed according to the 12th verse

According to the time of birth, the 12-season sky is shown as a photograph of the planet, so it can be confirmed that it is the birth horoscope, but these planets do not stand still, but keep moving, so they have changed into Gosra called Koza planets.