Attitudes are so true that they repeat themselves…1feb

About Sunday’s children

Although they are not very big and handsome, they are not ugly. They are the owners of beautiful lips. Sleeping is their biggest hobby.

The best friends are the ones who don’t tell anyone if they’re sad.

He always pretends to be mature like an adult, but his childishness has not completely disappeared.

When I think about it, I don’t even pretend to smile. Because those who value honesty, he himself is loyal, and even those who hate him if he betrays him.

Monday about children

The children of Tanala are the ones who have a cold-blooded smile.

Even when I’m drunk, I’m not that crazy. There are people who tend to look at other people’s feelings rather than their own. That’s why I get hurt sometimes.

Even if you ignore them, they are very sad.

When it comes to love, I’m a little playful.I have a childish love.

But if they are angry, it must be because they are really angry.

About illegitimate children

The children of Mang don’t seem to be strange, but in fact, they are the ones who have different things.

Even though they are hard-hearted, they are very patient. When they are young, there are no two people.

They are always happy like a child, they are honest, they don’t talk much in front of a lot of people, but they are the kind of people who make a bond with people they are close to.

I like to be simple, but in the modern age, they are well-dressed, they eat well, they sit, they are lucky in love.

You will only get married to someone you really love, even if you don’t have many girlfriends, but you will find true love after having two or three.

I like and make friends. I like art. I’m not too crazy. I’m not too obsessed with anything, so I don’t feel too much. Especially the kids are too lazy to work.

But when they feel like it, they don’t complain.

In the family, their children are given importance. The most special thing is that they are more honest than others. That’s why they love people first. Is it true? If so, please share.

About Wednesday’s children

People love people as much as people hate them. Because of his behavior, he holds the truth.

The weakness of people who are full of clarity is that they don’t know how to talk.

They listen to their favorite songs over and over again, and if they want to be sarcastic, they will be sarcastic ten times over. Whenever they smile, they are as pure and loving as a child.

About Thursday’s children

Thursday children are kind-hearted and open-minded. They are friendly to everyone and are ready to help anyone even if they rarely ask for help.

Will be a person who wants to be united with people.

Whatever happens, life They tend to be happy in the situation they are in. They are highly motivated and do injustice.

You are open about your feelings, but very secretive when it comes to work.No one knows what you will do.

No matter how hard you try, you are often faced with bad luck. Many people think that it is boring. He often gets into trouble because he doesn’t do his work clearly.

No matter if you face trouble or happiness, you always rely on luck