Aye Thaung called for this

Aye Thaung incites people who only choose money

Ma Aye Thaung criticized people who chose only money and abandoned their faith


Ma Aye Thaung, nicknamed “Pawsi” by her nickname, is a girl who has captured the love of many fans. She took to the streets with the people for the truth


An artist who fought. That’s why she has been charged under Section 505A and is fleeing abroad after throwing up her house. Ma Aye Thaung when the public is upset

Last year, I re-created a beauty photo Facebook memory and replied rudely to fans’ comments.

It continued to decline. Ma Aye Thaung disappeared from social media after apologizing to all the people on his social media.

Now, he has returned to the social network with some text. Actor Ma Aye Thaung criticized people who abandon their faith and choose only money. ”

Money can be found back, trust can’t be found back, they choose only money, but people are left with their faith in their arms,” ​​Ma Aye Thaung wrote on social media.

Ma Aye Thaung clearly expressed his opinion that he still holds on to his beliefs.