Basil and health

Basil grows more often in many parts of Myanmar. Basil is a plant that grows naturally and can also be grown by itself. Can be easily grown from seed. Fertilizer is not required. I think many of you have seen his plant form.

Basil is a small plant, the leaves are small and tender. Small white flowers usually bloom in the summer months. The taste is hot and spicy, and some people add it when cooking.

As a type of basil, white basil, Basil black basil brown basil Basil There are different types of basil. Basil leaves and seeds are used in medicine. In the Burmese medicine book, basil is hot, of A little bit bitter overcomes the phlegm of the wind; He won the urine. He breathes the air and raises the blood. chest pain indigestion He can overcome phlegm. Very beneficial to human health. The use of basil leaves and seeds as Burmese medicine is as follows.

(1) If you have a migraine, take basil extract (freshly squeezed juice) and apply it to your ears and forehead.

(2) shoulder pain; Itching = Mix basil leaves with lemon juice and mash until smooth. Rub the liquid that can be crushed on the wound.

(3) indigestion; Constipation = drink basil leaf infusion. Drink mineral water.

(4) earache, Na Pyi Yo = Add the basil leaf extract with a spoon and heat it. When the liquid is warm, put two or three drops into the ear.

(5) paralytic stroke; Arthritis = Inhale the steam of five basil leaves in warm water.

(6) Relieve urinary discomfort = make juice of basil seeds with sugar and drink.

(7) Do not want to eat; don’t want to drink Stomach ailment Abdominal pain = Crushed basil leaves and drink.

(8) Scorpion bite = Grind basil leaves.

(9) cold, runny nose Cough = boil three cups of wet basil leaves and drink it hot. It is found that the flu is better.

Among the many benefits of basil are extracted. It has many other benefits, so I’m writing this with the intention that you may not think basil is valuable by accident, but that you will know it’s value after reading this article.