BELLA – Myat Thiri Lwin 24pm

BELLA – Myat Thiri Lwin greets fans who have been missing for a Fri time with a few words

Myat Thiri Lwin, who is a fan-favorite beauty model with a lovely smile, will be remembered by everyone.
Miss Bella stood with the people for the truth.

That is why he has been charged under Section 505A and is fleeing to safety. Some misinformation about her has been spread.
There have been false reports that Bella is escaping and reaching the liberation zone.
Bella shared a text and photos for her fans.
“If no one is looking for you, you have to find yourself again,” she wrote on her social media page.
The misinformation that she has arrived in the liberated area has just been resolved.”
It’s not from any forest
“Taken” was written in the comment. I would like to share a little news for the fans who miss Miss Bella aka Myat Thiri Lwin. CREDIT