Boiled giant frog

A giant boiled frog that is trying to set a world record

A giant frog found in the rainforest of northern Australia was so big that even wildlife conservation officers mistook it for a toy. It has grown more than 6 times more than normal frogs and has a body weight of 2.7 kg, so it is set to set a new world record.

(The previous record was 2.65 kg) The big boiled frog nicknamed Tokzilla is insects, It is assumed that the animal grew by catching and eating some reptiles and small mammals.
Frogs can live up to 15 years in the wild, and the lifespan of this giant frog has not yet been estimated.
The remains of the boiled frog will be donated to the Queensland Museum. In 1935, toads first arrived in Australia, and it is considered one of the most destructive pests of crops. Currently, there are up to 2 billion boiled frogs in Australia.