Born in cancer season 2023

Those born between June (21st) and July (22nd) can be defined as Cancers. Those born in the season of Cancer are dominated by the water element, which is one of the four elements, and is ruled by the planets Monday and Thursday. (2) number and (7) number have power effect.

People born in the Cancer season are courageous,

clear-headed, eager to study everything, and although their facial expressions are stern, they are good-hearted people. In addition to their passion for competition, they are also bold and decisive. They are people who are active wherever they are and enjoy being with friends.

They also enjoy spending time with their beloved family and friends. But because they are fond of arguing, they tend to argue if they think they are right. When it comes to good and bad friends, they are easy to sympathize with, and they don’t tolerate it if they offend their friends.

Even though he knows that it is bad, he has a tendency to be stubborn. They are pious people, but because of their stubbornness, they are extremists when it comes to religion.

The main advantage of people born in the month of Cancer is that they have a great ability to influence people

because they are very talkative, and they are people who are good enough to set a public standard in social relations. Because of his soft-spokenness, he is also loved by many people.

Most Cancerians do not like to be in unfamiliar areas and surroundings. They tend to put their emotions first and decide everything and regret it the next day, so they should take their time when making a decision.

Obsessed and easily angered. People who help others and are a little suspicious of everything. If you’re good, you’ll be good until the end, and if you hate it, you’ll regret it so much that you don’t want to look back.

People born in the season of Cancer love beauty and are fashionable in their clothes. They are talented in the arts and are influential people. In terms of finances, they are those who use money in an orderly and prudent manner. They love the environment and love to travel to mountainous areas when they are bored.

People born in the season of Cancer are the people who flourish in love. They don’t open up about their love and keep it to themselves, and they can be cold on the outside. You should be careful about your lover who is easily suspicious of you. The zodiac signs compatible with those born in Cancer are Capricorn and Pisces.

Those born in the season of Cancer are engaged in fish farming, restaurant business Trading business clothing industry It is beneficial in book publishing business and journalist business. The beneficial color is white. The winning numbers are 2, 3, 15, 20 and so on. The lucky amulet for life is a stone called Moonstone in Burmese.

What I have just told you is about the attitude of Cancers born in the season of Cancer, along with their good luck amulet stone.