Born in Leo season 2023.

They are among the hard-faced
It is. From the outsider’s point of view, they
He looks like he is sitting and eating
It is often considered. for real
The famous hungry people

People from a young age
Those who receive attention.
That’s how they grew up
More when I grow up
take care I want attention
I’m coming.

Powers, I want to show my power
I want to be respected by people
Those who So it grew up
Even more than when I was young
Much more.

Strong imagination
They are a big story
Reading long novels with Mama
I often like it.

Not romantic, but magical
Includes stories and superheroes
A long mystery novel
They often read.

The spirit of not giving up easily
They are strong children. Base
Make things your own
They work hard and on the other hand
A place to keep it on your side
Very good at

Say what you want up front
Without doing this, the other side’s mind
They can make them want to be on their side
Those who have power.

Find a solution to a problem
Those who make decisions.
If they are at work
The decision is correct. Think wrong
And then they drop it. They
Every case decided
is also wrong

Those who live among people.
Because of his obvious personality
They are more attractive.
Catch people’s attention
Those who win are on the other side
Very satisfied
Those who can.

Not just physically, but sexually
Also very attractive
Strong people.

A person who likes surprises and gifts.
It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift
not. Small things too
can The main thing is his mind
To touch.

Among friends and associates
A bit selfish
Famous people.