Buffalo head fruit(Water caltrop)

Water caltrop

The buffalo head tree is a small plant that floats in the water. Leaves under water and leaves above water are different. Underwater leaves grow on stalks and look like roots. As for the leaves above the water, they grow on the stem. The fruit has lumps and looks like a buffalo head. The skin is green and rotten, and the inside is white.


Buffalo head fruit trees are cultivated in lakes in the cities of lower Myanmar. Buffalo head fruit is usually sold during the rainy season from June to August. The fruit is raw or Boiled or They eat it after peeling it. The taste of the inside is sweet and juicy. It is said that if buffalo head fruit is mixed with lemon, it will burn and die.

Buffalo’s head contains substances such as iodine, magnesium, and potassium, which can prevent goiter and thyroid disease. In addition, they are used in the production of medicine because they contain other nutrients. It also reduces dry skin and chapped lips.

In addition, it is a fruit that should be consumed by pregnant women. Although there are benefits to buffalo’s head, it should not be eaten in excess. In addition, it is a fruit that should not be eaten by those who are prone to constipation.