Comedian Sein Thi

Comedian Seinhid, who warned some artists not to be offended if they are called a day of revolution

I think everyone remembers the once-famous Udi Lai comedian group.

The Yeda Ye Ye Group, which performed with a focus on politics, became very popular and their jokes became known.

The fruit group is made up of comedians such as Seindi, Apple, Plum, and Star.

Comedian Seindi, a member of Udi Laidu, is currently in the liberated area and is trying to fight against the military dictator.

Although he is a member of Udi Laidu, the comedian Seinidu broke away from the group for the sake of the revolution.
Comedian Seinid is always warning people on social media not to be cold-blooded about the revolution.

“I am someone who really loves the arts, so I am looking forward to the opportunity to perform together with our people one day.

Apart from my poor health, I don’t dare to let down my dear fans and the rest of the artists who are in a worse situation than me.

I’m ashamed to show people my discomfort.

We have to make our own history beautiful, so we have to go through the dark of the night to see the red color.

Fight hard,” Seinid wrote on his social network about the cup-eating artists.

Dear fans, let’s know who are the famous artists. Thank you very much for reading till the end.