Director Koko is thrilled. 22

The CDM soldier who was about to leave the front row came to kick the director who was thrilled
The popular director Ko Pao is an actor who is no stranger to fans.

who is loved by everyone,  the best actor who can master the character in the movies, as well as create and shoot the movies. Being a director, I am a person who has received a lot of love and support from the audience.

Regarding the political situation in Myanmar, Pipi, who loves the truth, is an artist who has taken a firm stand on the side of the people.

Director Ko Pao said that he was thrilled because the CDM soldier was about to come to the front
May you be safe on your way to your destination. One by one, the CDM comrades started kicking and continued to their destination.
It’s a sergeant’s younger brother who plays a soldier in Moe Khare’s movie. Every time they go, they give 1000~1000~ baht in pocket money. May their wishes be fulfilled and their journey smooth.
Good job opportunities. There are many job opportunities for CDM comrades.
Each time they left one by one, those who remained had to do more work for each other. Anyway, let’s be comfortable.” It was written on Ko Pao’s social network.