Documents announcing the city seizure that will soon emerge…29am

Documents announcing the city seizure that will soon emerge…

“Aung Lam of the Magway People’s Defense Force informed that the area of the frontline camp for the safety of the people has been designated as a control area.”

So, no matter what happens with the city seizure, it has already been established. First, once the NUG side has established the chain, the second phase will be announced as a controlled area.

The third is the areas governed by the peaceful NUG government
It has not been announced immediately, but the army is still working to clear the scaffolding and make arrangements for the NUG government to operate.

Because they will not be able to rule over the liberated areas, they will destroy them like an enemy and attack them with airplanes so that the NUG cannot rule.

Therefore, it has not been announced immediately, but it will be announced after the evolution and construction step by step
After the mechanisms such as defense forces and administration are well established and operational

They will make sure to announce things like airplanes

If it is declared over the level, then the army will go to the NUG’s operating mechanism after declaring victory.
For example, we all know that one day, terrorists attacked places like NUG Hospital’s classroom control center where the people were.
So, there is no plane in the art of seizing the city, because of these things, we do not immediately announce that we can control and govern this city.
It can also be announced based on enemy status
So, the art of seizing a city has a series of procedural elements, not saying that it can be taken just by driving out the scaffolding, but it is necessary to understand the level of control.
In this way, other cities can be successively controlled and occupied
After that, as the next steps, we will make sure to fill in the thread, take a firm position, and announce it.
Then it will be quickly recognized as an official government according to international rules and regulations
In that way, you will have many opportunities to succeed immediately and quickly per month, and those levels cannot be announced.
The NUG is the government of Burma by showing legitimacy and public support as a clear victory in the political war and peaceful rule over the territory.
If there is more than the chance of victory at home and abroad, all those who are on the enemy’s side will be afraid and collapse, and according to the strategy and the reality of the current situation, everything will be calm.
To withdraw all military apparatus and stop and fall back and kneel
Soon, in the forest of time, announcements like this will appear from everywhere. It’s a victory in the revolutionary new year.. I got it, friends.
You are revered