Don’t hurt the children, mother Khaing Yue Wai…5feb

Khaing Yeo Wai is for the children’s center and people with disabilities

He is a person who always provides prosthetics. Her children
She is kind like a mother, giving her time in between her busy schedule

I still tend to take care of them. .
She gave the children as much time as possible to feed them and also gave them rice husks, so that the children who are starving for mother’s love were kept safe and secure.
You can. Now they are preparing to donate with their sons and daughters
With the children, a small charity event invited by Sein Shwe Yadaran Shop
Let’s not go..❤” I wrote and shared it again.
Since February 14th is coming up, Mother Khaing Roo Wai has just come to tell me a warning to not cause harm to the children on Valentine’s Day or any other day.. Credit