Dragons from the Snake God The spirits

A relief was provided by rows of rubber trees along the side of the half-shining mountain wall as the expressway was recently expanded.

A Buddhist pagoda is changing shape on 2 acres of land on a changing terrain. About a dozen men and women take shelter in the 109-foot (33.2-meter) pagoda.

Their children run and play between the concrete pillars. In the shadow of those buildings, there is a tall Bodhi tree.

The Bodhi tree is very important in temple courtyards. More than 2,500 years ago, Lord Buddha attained omniscience and became a god under this Bodhi tree, so some say that the banyan trees in the temples came from this Bodhi tree. It is said that there is a treasure trove under the banyan tree.

Under the shade of the banyan tree, there were 11 pythons. It is said to represent dragons from Buddhist mythology. The people of this place say that there are big snakes guarding the treasures belonging to the dragon clan. What jewels Are the rubies of ancient kings? Whether it is Buddha’s power or not, he can believe in his own imagination as he wants to play with it.

This is recorded on the marble pillar.

On the 7th day of the full moon of 2014, a couple of villagers near this area brought this giant python to the place and kept it for the first time. A big snake crawled near their house and they didn’t know what to do, so they brought it to this banyan tree and kept it. It is written that this hilltop was later converted into a religious site.

This is how this snake god came to be known. A village woman said that she had a dream like this. One day a big snake appeared and said to him, Other big snakes will come here. He said that they were all guarding snakes and said that he was going back.

After this, big snakes came to donate one by one. Even from as far away as Yangon, there are snakes that come as offerings. Since then, this place has been called the Snake God.

There are many snake gods in the south. Since the 1990s, snakes have been housed in temples in the suburbs of Mandalay and Yangon. Some large snakes are up to 12 feet long. All gods have their own backstories, but they all have similarities. giving dreams After entering and speaking, the unique image of the place where it is located, It refers to images of power.