Egg honey and lemon health benefits

Nervousness, fatigue easily,

Heaviness of limbs and sleeplessness at night”

Are you not fresh because of…

If the night sleep has been prolonged, the mouth will no longer be able to eat food.

If you don’t eat or sleep, your nerves become weak.

The heart often becomes weak.

Blood pressure is often irregular.

Excessive sweating of the head, cold feet, hands, eyes, ears, etc., lung and kidney performance decreased, indigestion, constipation, etc.

Just doing a little physical activity often leads to fatigue and impatience.

I will give you a simple and easy remedy for the above nervous disease

1. A big lemon.

2. A raw egg

(No eggs).

3. A tablespoon of pure honey

(If natural honey is not easily available, use farmed honey).

4. A ripe banana.

5. You will need half a bowl of green tea, white cloth, etc.

#How to make medicine

– First, cut a lemon in half in a suitable sized bowl, squeeze the juice from both halves and remove the seeds.

– Then add a tablespoon of honey.

– After finishing, add a raw egg.

Again, pour half the bowl of hot white water again and stir until smooth.

– Mash a ripe banana and add it again.

– After doing that, you are ready to drink.

The conditions and times to take the above nerve agent

1. When you are exhausted.

2. When you lose sleep at night.

3. When the limbs are heavy and dull.

4. When there is no joy.

5. When you don’t want to do it or don’t want to take it, drink it and rest for at least fifteen minutes, and you will be full of energy and full of energy.
It will be refreshing.

The specialty of the above medicine is

As if injecting an intravenous drug, it fills up quickly and strengthens the nerves. Improve muscle strength.

It is more convenient to take this medicine early in the morning before any food and once before going to bed.