Eight words to remember

Once upon a time there was a village that was divided into two parts. East side and west side. No matter what they do, they always fight each other without negotiating. Oh, People from the east side are just proud, and people from the west side are all just blind.

Only people benefit. They will work together from village to village, so the people of the east side think that “they are broken, but they still see, so it is a small honor to cooperate with those who are blind,” and they do not want to cooperate. Their pride and theirs. “They don’t have eyes, but they still have legs to move forward. That’s why I can’t join people who can’t walk.”

It’s only blind, but pride doesn’t reduce. Like that, A Khong and Akan lived in the same village and were fighting each other. One day, a wise hermit came unexpectedly. Ever since the hermit arrived in the village, he had tried various ways to reconcile the conflicting year group, but it could not work out. One day, the hermit had a good idea and called both Khong and Akan to the hermitage.

For both teams that want to compete on this side, the hermit thinks that they should be forced to compete. Because they have to compete, both teams are interested. There were people from both sides and the hermit told me about the race. People on both sides say “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha” On the other hand, the benefits On the other hand, the blind. How will they compete?

The hermits are forced to improvise. The difficult thing is that people are also blind to benefits, so they have to compete with each other, so they “get away, get away”.

Well, if you don’t dare to compete, you will lose your dignity. This is how the day of the competition comes. The hermit has already told both sides the routes and goals. At the exit point set by the hermit, the profit and the blind are ready. Hear the sound of the alarm, both the benefits and the blind, run to the goal ahead of me.

The problem starts there. The blind run with good legs, but their eyes cannot see, so they are unable to reach their desired goal. Another problem. When they saw the road, they had to see it. His leg was broken, so he dragged himself and couldn’t get ahead again. Both sides raced to win, and the blind ran as they thought. The benefits are also drawn and filled only at the appointed time.