{ For 7-Days } Hard Money Yatra…30pm

I called the Yatra student who made money hard to be my companion. Right now, I’m closed for a little bit of bribery. Let’s go eat Nanggyi salad.

If you sit and look at the chickens raised by the shop, the bribe has been opened, and you have received money, how does it matter?

When I used to live on the ground floor, when the bribe was closed, I opened the front door, and when I opened it, a chicken born upstairs came in and started pecking at the mirror in the room.
The student analyzed it, so the teacher’s Vedin Keen would affect the first four months of tax for one year.
The former teacher laughed. You don’t have to sit and watch Nangyi eat chicken soup. You can just sit on the bed after eating salad.
What are you doing? Comment: One year’s tax is based on his remaining life.
Other Aga’s children (W) remaining age group Wednesday children (7) remaining age group Thursday children (5) remaining age
Range Friday children 3 rings age range Saturday children (6) the rest of the age range means Min Than Khaing Shwe Ran Htoo Lin Christ