For menopausal women…

He said that he can tell important information. Dreams can provide insight into what is happening in our daily lives.

You may have noticed that these dreams are frequent or occasional. Regarding dreams, there are various ways of interpreting them according to their ethnic traditions.

What I want to tell you now is what psychologists have revealed in the science of studying the meaning behind dreams called Oneirology.

Now, let’s read below what the dreams you’ve dreamed about but ignored mean.

(1) A dream about injury and death

If you dream of injured or dead people, what does this mean? An important person in your life

It means that you are afraid that someone will lose something important or that you feel insecure.

To dream of a dead person in your dream means that your subconscious mind is still unable to console you for the loss.

According to dream experts, dreams about death and injury are a sign of worry and anxiety for those who are older than you and loved before you.

According to these dreams about death, it means that you feel like you have lost something important, and you will be reborn in a better way than before.

If you dream that you are flying somewhere, it means that you have set goals and are doing them, but it is not happening as you think.

Your flight style is not high, but horizontal, so you don’t want to fall.

It is showing that there are difficulties that you cannot afford. Another thing is that you are pretending to believe in you

It means that someone or something is preventing you from reaching the next level in your life.