From the man to the woman in anger

How to control anger Anger is an emotion that everyone can have. Normally, ‘being depressed’ means ‘angry’; It can range from ‘excessive anger’. Each person’s tolerance is different.

If you’re an angry person, over time, in other words, as you get older, your mental health can suffer. angry Dissatisfaction is a normal human emotion, so it is impossible to avoid this emotion. But if you want to improve your mental health, you can control and reduce your anger.

The first thing you need to know in order to control your mind is to find out what kind of situations can make you angry easily. For example, in your family, does your child not listening to you make you angry? In your business, are you always annoyed that your co-worker is late for work? Do you get angry when your husband doesn’t help you with the housework?

Ask yourself these questions: Is your employee’s tardiness always a problem because you don’t like it? Once you’ve thought about the events that made you angry, the next step is to think about how you feel in your body when you get angry.

A common feeling The symptoms are tightening, Grinding, fist clenching The face is hot and sweating. By knowing these feelings, you can warn yourself when you are angry. How can I control my anger? There is no fixed method or answer.

Each person can control it in a way that suits them. Why are you angry at trying to control this? Ask yourself why you are angry. For example, when you come back from work and talk to a family member at home, are you really angry with your family member?

Or think carefully about whether your grievances about a problem at work are affecting someone at home. The second step is to take a step back before voicing your grievances if you find yourself getting angry.

For example, when there is a fight with a person at home, go out, Take a walk and think about the cause of the problem. Try to figure out if there is another way to solve this problem without fighting. Another way is sometimes when you can’t change or fix a situation that makes you angry, listen to music to forget the problem for a while. Re-read your favorite book

Talking on the phone with a friend who usually understands you, You can do house cleaning. Another way to control your anger is to turn your anger into humor.

This method isn’t always possible, but it can be useful once in a while. The mind can control the body and the body can modify the mind. Breathing exercises Reducing stress can help control anger. Another way is that you complain,

I can calmly explain to my father and sister that I don’t like it. The anger management methods suggested above are not easy in reality.