From the time he was worshiping his god

If he has pumped the house while he is worshiping his god…

Myo Myoong is in many homes. Myo Myoong is free and doesn’t suck

If there is something at home, I pump it up.

When he is worshiping, he shares his time. It’s good if you pump the house at the time of alms offering.

Sometimes he is pumped up. Guardian spirits, guardian spirits, guardian spirits Like to share.

Because of what he shared and sent love to, the good spirits became brighter, more powerful, and stronger than merit.

Therefore, when he worships his god, he is praying that the spirits are pleasing him, and it calms his mind.

At night, if he forgets to go to the temple to pray, Uya Myung will remind him if he does good deeds.

If you do a lot of good deeds, if you do a lot of good deeds, you often hear the sound of pumping because you want to show that the gods are looking after you.

This is related to faith.

Mr. Myat Aung

Credit with respect