He passed the 10th grade with honors…4feb

The famous case…
In the famous case, the manager of the murder of Ma Mukithant Win, who passed the tenth grade with honors, was sentenced to death.

Arakan State In a famous case in Sittwe City, the execution of Ma Mukithant Win
It is known that the ULA/AA court has sentenced Luminous store manager Myo Myint Zaw, who was accused of murder, to life imprisonment.

Today, on February 3rd, the judge of ULA/AA court in Rakhine State imposed such a life sentence.
Rakhine Army AA spokesperson U Khaing Thukha spoke to Western News this Monday afternoon.
Myo Myint Zaw, the manager of the Luminous store, was accused of murder in the murder of Uchi Thant Win
The Rakhine Army has disclosed that it has been examined and the final order has been issued today.
At Luminous’s consumer goods store near the state government office of the Rakhine state government
Last August 15, 2022, he was shot dead in the Mawmithant Win, where he was working as a sales employee.
two stab wounds; face He died with bruises on his chin.