45 medicinal uses of gooseberry

45 medicinal uses of gooseberry
(1) For rheumatic diarrhea, dry gooseberry is cooked with eel.
(2) For the itchiness, warts, pimples, and freckles that occur in acne, dry or wet gooseberry blood and add a little lemon and apply it.

(3) For diabetes, take five-five cups of white urine or ground white urine.
(4) Gooseberry is crushed and given from the top for nosebleeds.
(5) Dry gooseberry powder is eaten with palm, juice, and paste for urinary tract infection.
(6) If you have bloody diarrhea, crush a raw gooseberry and take the liquid and drink it with lemon juice.
(7) For cracked tongue, cracked mouth, boils, and water flow, gargle with a solution that can be boiled in three cups of water with gooseberry leaves.
(8) Gooseberry cough It cures asthma and asthma.
(9) fire pit For scalds with hot water, the leaves of white sedum are roasted and powdered and sprinkled.
(10) For children’s sore throat, the leaves of the white sedum are roasted and applied.
(11) Diarrhea. For indigestion, the young leaves of the white urine are fed with juice.
(12) For eye diseases, crush the seeds and boil them in warm water to wash the eyes.
(13) After bleeding (if the period is over), eat a large gooseberry.
( 14 ) For blood rheumatism, white urine, glass bitter, cypress, fruit juice, Put a cup of frankincense oil in a cup and drink it in moderation.
(15) For rheumatism (disease with pain in the back and white spots when urinating), grind gooseberry and namsumukyi to eat.
(16) Gooseberry should be eaten for rheumatism.
(17) For diarrheal diseases, the liquid of the boiled leaves of white saffron should be drunk with palm or sugar.
(18) Dry gooseberry for numb pain. Dried bitter gourd, elephant root, red kanji, cow’s milk, marigold, nightshade, pepper, Gathered together with kamka pollen and used with sugar,
(19) For a cracked tongue, boil a cup of water and three cups of water and gargle.
(20) Goosebumps baked on fire for thrush. The ashes are mixed with oil and rubbed.
(21) For vaginal discharge, mix gooseberry seeds with hot water, filter the water and add honey, Drink with sugar.
(22) Backache, back pain, For fatigue and sciatica, add dry gooseberry to the grilled sardines and boil until soft. Season with onion, salt, and fry with sesame oil for a short while.
(One to two spoons a day.)
(23) For rheumatism, dry gooseberry powder and mix it with honey. It softens the rheumatism.
(24) Dry gooseberry medicine makes food easy to digest. It makes men stronger. It makes them stronger.
(25) Long life Gooseberry is dried and powdered and mixed with honey to make it beautiful.
(26) Eat gooseberry raw to relieve dry skin and to detoxify.
(27) Goosebumps are soaked in salt water and cooked with curry tongues to soften the sound.
(28) To get rid of cough, sore eyes, Goosebumps are soaked in salt water to kill bugs and added to dishes.
(29) Gooseberry powder mixed with honey for flatulence.
(30) To prevent skin wrinkles. To make the sound beautiful, To prevent and weaken the immune system, you have to take a bath with dried gooseberry powder.
(31) For acute diarrhea, gooseberry should be crushed into a fine powder and placed near the stomach.
( 32 ) For hiccups, gourd should be mixed with crushed juice, flaxseed powder, and honey.
( 33 ) Goosebumps are crushed by the roots and used to treat diseases related to tuberculosis. They are also fed with honey.
(34) Anus, heart numb, indigestion Goosebumps should be soaked in water for about 12 hours to calculate bile diseases. After pouring out the water, add more water and boil for about (3) hours. Take out the seeds, add sugar (3 times) and squeeze out 7.
(35) For urinary tract diseases, the juice of crushed gooseberry mixed with cardamom powder should be drunk.
( 36 ) Gooseberry juice for dysentery. Mix ripe bananas, honey, and sugar.
(37) constipation, diarrhea, blood For blood vomiting and anemia, boil dried gooseberry and add sugar to drink.
(38) For gynecological diseases, dry gooseberry should be soaked in water twice a day.
(39) For blood rheumatism, dry gooseberry, roasted salt, Roasted fennel, roasted garlic, dried cat flower leaves, The seeds are crushed and eaten daily.
(40) Sipyu river for young people They had to cut down the Than River, the Suris River, and the Kinthalin River and pour three cups of it. Strain the liquid and mix it with half water. Boil three cups and do it three times. Drink one raw bowl a day.
( 41 ) Eyestrain caused by urine For eye pain and rheumatism, gooseberry ground juice, pure sesame oil, ground glass leaf juice, Milk and licorice are added to a clean copper pot. The liquid should be applied to the eyes.
(42) Dry gooseberry, fennel, fennel, saffron, saffron, saffron, Alum and salt must be ground into a fine powder.
(43) A decoction of white sycamore leaves heals ulcers in the mouth.
( 44 ) The liquid that comes out of the fruit on the branch is used as an eye drops.