Be careful for those who like vermicelli curry…

Be careful for those who like vermicelli curry…
To be vermicelli – chickpeas should be added as the main and 5/6 other types of beans can be added.
Beans can be ground after soaking them in water in a brick tank. The resulting bean curd
Mix glue powder and make it into vermicelli.

The color of the vermicelli obtained is not white. To make it white, smoke it in the room
You can object.
Now the bean market.
1 basket of chickpeas. 9 thousand. There are 1 lakh.
*** At the current price, we can no longer make bean vermicelli.
Now the bean vermicelli
White powder imported from abroad.
I don’t know what the ground powder is
You just need to prepare water and make vermicelli.
The cost of becoming a bean worm is also higher than before
Save a lot.
*** As a chronic disease sufferer like me, it is not convenient for me.
*** I’m not saying it won’t work for everyone
*** When the disease is being treated, food is the main thing.
*** For health care people’s knowledge.