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Diet for natural slimming liver fatty liver fatty heart…
#obese people For women who come with a thick belly, first look for the raw leaves.

Three spoons of plain sugar (tablespoon) should be added to each bottle. Add 9 leaves to each bottle. Pour cold water into the bottle and dry it in the sun for nine days with the cap closed. After nine days, it can be used as medicine. once in the morning Drink about half a cup of green tea regularly, shake the bottle of the tea leaves once at night.
After a month or two, women’s waists will be smaller, fat and belly fat will fall, and the skin will become lighter. It is a traditional medicine that is safer than eating fatty foods. Regular consumption also helps to get rid of fatty liver and heart blockage.
Every month, on the first day of the new month of Burma, two leaves There is an order to find three leaves and eat them. By eating like that, air diseases can’t enter. blow flatulence Paralysis cannot enter. Paralysis patients By making curry with pepper and garlic and drinking it daily, it cures paralysis.
# The old leaf
Crd (Myawati)